Complete Family Dental Care


Dental Arts Company offers a complete variety of Family Dental services for you and your household.
Our commitment to your health and wellness is the core of who we are both as professionals and as individuals.
In order to ensure you receive the finest dental and medical care possible, we make use of  the latest
state-of-the art technology and most advanced strategies to ensure your convenience and care is exceeded by none.
Taking care of you and your family, from children to grandparents– that’s exactly what we, as a group, are all about.

Prevention & Gum Care

As the old saying goes, “prevention is always better than the cure.” And, while our variety of services is
created to supply those “remedies,” we would much rather focus on education and prevention that can help
you avoid those “remedies” down the road. The key is starting as early as possible through regular check-
ups, catching minor issues prior to them becoming larger ones. Teaching you appropriate brushing, flossing
and best everyday oral health techniques is very important to ensuring your teeth and gums remain as
healthy as possible– for the long term.

Dental Cleanings

Having your teeth professionally cleaned a minimum of every 6 months is important to get rid of any excess
plaque and tartar that supply a sticky house for germs which triggers gum illness. Some people might need
cleanings every three to four months, depending upon their level of plaque and tartar accumulation. Left
untreated, the build-up of bacteria in plaque and tartar can result in unhealthy gums and dental cavity.
We carry out extensive teeth cleanings that consist of scaling, root planning and polishing. Regular
expert teeth cleaning is a vital part in preventing premature loss of teeth and the bone that supports it.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer is so essential. That’s why as the front line for this disease, we believe
in the value of having the best devices for screening. This is a routine part of the total visual and
physical exams we perform in our practice. When suspicious lesions are discovered during a regular
examination we will do an initial biopsy, called a brush biopsy, to sample the suspicious tissue.
Based upon the results, Dr. Martin will recommend the very best treatment which might include referral to
a specialist he works carefully with.

Cavities and Fillings

Dental cavity, typically referred to as a cavity, is easily fixed using fillings that will recover the
tooth to its regular function and shape. The primary step is to remove the decayed fabric and clean the
affected location. Then, choose the best filling material to be made use of, either composite or “white”
fillings, porcelain or gold fillings.

Composite or “White” Fillings

Composite or “white” fillings have long since played a more esthetic choice to silver fillings. Composite
fillings are just a plastic that needs light activation to allow the material to harden in place. The most
modern-day of products today for composites compares with silver fillings with similar long life while
reducing temperature level sensitivity and saving more of your natural tooth. Clearly, we don’t have to
drill off as much of your tooth.

Porcelain and Gold Fillings

Like composite described above, porcelain can be used as an esthetic alternative to supplying fillings in
teeth. Deciding to use porcelain may be due to the larger size of the filling necessary for the tooth or
for longer durability. This procedure resembles preparing a crown on your tooth because it requires an
impression which is sent to the lab for fabrication, however is likewise a conservative option when
compared to crowns (which cover the entire tooth). Gold can be made use of in the same way and is the most
durable however undoubtedly less esthetic.


Often the best “remedy” for the problem might be to get rid of or extract the problem tooth. This is
normally done when the tooth is up until now decayed that it can not be conserved or that it is growing at
an angle that will detrimentally affect your whole mouth. Extractions are done just when other restorative
treatments will not resolve the issue.
Post care of an extraction is as vital as the extraction itself to ensure appropriate recovery. Swelling
and bleeding might take place and you ought to take extra care to make sure that location is kept clean.

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